All Natural and Herbal DIY Hair Color

Are you tired trying to find the right hair dye? No matter how natural any hair coloring product claims to be, all commercial dyes, herbal or not, have some type of added chemical which affects your hair and scalp. Over a period of time, it will either make it dry, increasing the number of gray hairs or turn your Read more about All Natural and Herbal DIY Hair Color[…]

Immediate effect of MSRT on state anxiety and cognitive functions

Here is a publication on research related to effects of MSRT (Mind sound resonance technique) on anxiety and cognitive functions in patients. OBJECTIVES: To compare the immediate effect of mind sound resonance technique (MSRT) with supine rest (SR) on state anxiety and psychomotor performance in 15 (eight male and seven female) right-handed generalized anxiety disorder Read more about Immediate effect of MSRT on state anxiety and cognitive functions[…]

Why yoga at early age?

The stressful lifestyles of modern living in parents and the environment all around us, inadvertently translates itself to kids at an early age. During these years of growing up, by nature the mind is in continuous mode of exploration, learning and growing. This natural process is sometimes disturbed by stress from homework, pressure to compete academically or physically, and overscheduling on a number of after-school activities.  […]