November 8, 2015

Class Fees

People who exercise in groups are more likely to adhere to a consistent exercise program and work harder than they would on their own. 


Regular classes

  • $60 per month (4 classes) once/week
  • $112 per month (8 classes) twice/week
  • $144 per month (12 classes) 3 times/week
  • $174 for 3 months (12 classes) once/week
  • $300 for 3 months (24 classes) twice/week
  • $414 for 3 months (36 classes) 3 times/week


  • A one time fee of $25 is required to register

Health assessment

  • $65, required for all therapeutic programs

Single class pass

  • $20 Drop in

10 class pass:

  • $160 for 10 classes (expire in 14 weeks)

Group Yoga Class Policies

  • Classes are subject to change of instructor, format, time or cancellation. Classes with two or fewer participants will be cancelled. Classes averaging less than five participants may be subject to re-scheduling.
  • A registration and mandatory liability waiver is required before starting in any class.
  • Classes begin promptly on time. Please arrive five minutes prior to the start of class. If you are late to the class, please be very quiet and not disturb others.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Shoes of any kind are not allowed, but you may wear slip resistant socks.
  • Please notify the instructor of any injuries or medical conditions that you may be experiencing.
  • For safety and respectfulness, cell phone use is prohibited during class.
  • Please let your instructor know if you are not able to join the class.
  • If classes are active and you are absent, you still need to pay if you are committed for that class. Make-up classes are another option, so talk to the instructor.
  • If you are going for an extended vacation (more than 2 weeks), please let your instructor know ahead of time through an email or text, not verbally. They might be able to give you credits for the missed classes.
  • 2 weeks advance written notice via email is required if you would like to discontinue.